The Salkantay Trail

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A four-day trek to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay Trail is one of the 25 best Treks in the World according to the National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine. The trail offers outstanding views and even though it traverses around Mount Salkantay, the trail is not too steep.

This Guiding Peru trek is a challenging, multi-sport adventure that you have to experience to believe. Along with hiking, you will cycle part of the way, whitewater raft and zip line. At the end of the day, you can relax your muscles and bones in the volcanic hot-springs and your deluxe camping options. This is an adventure like no other, and all the while you will be seeing ancient Incan ruins, breathtaking panoramas, and wonders of the mountains and valleys. Unless you are an avid trekker, you may need some training before undertaking this adventure. Your meals are prepared for you and if you are from North America or Western Europe, you don’t need a visa to enter Peru.

Tours through the Jungle to Machu Picchu

One of the most challenging and adventurous tours available is a six-day, multi-sport trek through places few people go and almost no tourists. You will go mountain biking and white water rafting with all the safety equipment provided. You will pilot long boats and visit many interesting places before you reach Machu Picchu. Your adventure includes a tour of a coffee farm, zip lining and visiting hydroelectric waterfalls.

This trek takes you to an ancient beach where the first civilizations carved the directions to El Dorado. You will have a calm boat ride for about an hour before you enter the rapids that cut a deep canyon. It takes about 30 minutes to get through the rapids where you will find a natural waterfall and pure water for a refreshing swim before lunch, prepared on-site, is served. On your return, you will visit the charming, old colonial city of Cusco.


Originally, Cusco was the capital city of the Incan people and the cultural and economic center from Argentina to Colombia. The most advanced civilization in South America, the Incan palaces are now museums, hotels and restaurants. Cusco is also famous for its well-preserved Spanish colonial buildings. You can walk around the Plaza de Armas to see churches and galleries or visit the Plaza de San Francisco for some great coffee. Cusco offers easy access to many archaeological and historical sites.

One of the best things about guided tours of the region is the conveniences they provide. Not only delicious meals and drinking water but hot showers, porters and all the safety equipment you need to participate in the adventures offered. You will get a complete list of what to bring, including passport, sunscreen, a rainproof jacket and good walking shoes.